PRODA Services

Electrical/Electronics Services

Electrical Design, Installation of domestic/industrial complex

  • Wiring of domestic houses and offices.
  • Wiring of industrial complexes.
  • Wiring of machines

Electric Motor Re-winding

  • Refurbishing of burnt electric motors.
  • Installation of electric motors on machines.
  • Maintenance of electric motors.
  • Training of electric motor winders.

Maintenance/Servicing of Electrical/Electronic equipment

  • Maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioners.
  • Auto Electrical maintenance services.
  • Maintenance of electronic equipment such as Radios and TVs.

Solar (PV) Power Design Installation and servicing

  • Solar PV installation, maintenance for home applications.
  • Solar street design, installation and maintenance for lighting public parks, highways, public/private gardens, etc,.
  • Solar battery charging applications.

Installation/maintenance of computer systems

  • Installation of computer system.
  • Maintenance of computer system, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Computer training.

Communication equipment Installation & maintenance

  • Installation of communication dishes, LNBFS, etc.

Microcontroller Based Designed and Application

  • Theory on microcontroller based system design and application.
  • Introduction to micro controllers, its hardware architecture, instruction sets and parts.
  • Introduction to programming in assembly language and/or other higher languages.
  • LCD-based designs and LCD programming.
  • Application/practical.

Software Based Design and Simulation

  • Proteus based system design and simulation.
  • AutoCAD.

Software Based Analysis


Materials/Chemical/Physical Laboratory Analysis Consultancy

  • Analysis of samples of food and food products for end users. Such samples include wines, food drinks, beverages, etc.
  • Laboratory analysis of industrial raw materials.
  • Laboratory analysis of organic materials such as fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, etc.
  • Testing of clay samples which include (clays, feldspar, sand quartz etc to determine their suitability for ceramic raw materials.
  • Soil testing for foundation engineering investigations.
  • Science equipment and exploration.
  • Technical information and advice to ceramics industries.
  • Mineral prospecting and exploration.
  • Workshop, conferences and seminars: For transfer of R & D results to end users.
  • Water well drilling. Glass blowing training.

Geological Field Services:

  • Soil Testing for Foundation Engineering Investigations.
  • Mineral Prospecting Exploration.
  • Water Well Drilling.

Industrial Products

  • Paint from local raw materials.
  • Smokeless solid briquettes.
  • Biodiesel from vegetable oil.
  • Biomass to bio fuel.
    Production of bio-ethanol from cellulosic biomass such as oil palm trunk and raffia palm trunk .
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Adhesives.
  • Caramel
  • Enzymes
  • Solar still product for water.

Consultancy and Technical Services

PRODA renders Consultancy and Technical Services to third parties in the private and public sectors in the following areas:

  • PRODA Engineering Workshops and Laboratories, Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL),
  • Electrical and Electronics Laboratories, Ceramics, Research Laboratories and Workshop,
  • Institutes Research Library.

Chemical/Physical Laboratory Analysis of:

  • Food and Food products.
  • Chemicals and Drugs.
  • Industrial Raw Materials.

Equipment Maintenance/Installation:

  • Maintenance of Analytical, Physical and other Laboratory equipment.
  • Engineering equipment maintenance

Ceramics Services

Ceramics Productions/Machines

  • PRODA Pottery Plant assorted ceramics wares.
  • PRODA Integrated Ball Mill/Jigger Jolly Machine for moulding ceramic wares (both hollow and flat).
  • PRODA Electrical Porcelain Insulators - 10tons/day.
  • PRODA Building Bricks and Refactory Bricks.
  • PRODA Blunger.
  • PRODA 3-Tier Vibrating Sieve.

Ceramics Materials Assesment

  • Investigation of various local ceramics raw materials (clays, feldspar, sand, quartz, etc), to determine their suitability for the production of ceramic products.
  • Technical Information and Advice on Ceramics Industries.
  • Testing of Ceramics Raw Materials

Industrial Promotion, Information and Documentation Services

  • Collection Development: Purchase of books, Encyclopedia & Handbook. For the enhancement of learning, research and global information.
  • Publicity, documentaries and the Press. Publicizing R & D Results and knowledge sharing.
  • Auditorium Development. Training, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Techno-Economic marketing Development .Technology Transfer through trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Extension services: To ensure customer driven research information dissemination to SME's for income generation.
  • Printing/documentation of research results: for documentation and dissemination of research result and knowledge sharing.
  • Techno-Economic surveys: Assessment of Technological needs and enhancement of industrial growth.
  • Workshop, conferences and seminars: For transfer of R & D results to end users.
  • Data collection and analysis: For enhancement to customer driven R & D.

Training and Manpower Development

The manpower development efforts of the institute covers such areas as vocational training/skill acquisition, practical work experience for students, graduate training for graduates, remedial courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Training/Skill Acquisition Programme

The areas of training covers:

  • Library/information services.
  • Bricks and pottery production.
  • Engineering draftsmanship.
  • Machine fabrication.
  • Foundry Technology.
  • Auto electrical/ mechanical maintenance.
  • Electrical workshop/winding.
  • Adhesive Technology.
  • Laboratory Technology.
  • Glass Blowing Technology.
  • Welding Technology.
  • Mould Making.
  • Computer appreciation/ ICT.
  • Ceramics.

Training Methodology: Lecture methods + practical hands-on machine exercises based on moulds.

Training Duration: Dependent on the type of programme, the least is 2 months duration. The longest duration is 2 years.

Certification: Examination(s) are usually conducted and successful candidates are issued with certificates of proficiency on completion.

Equipment Maintenance/Installation:

  • Maintenance of Analytical, Physical and other Laboratory equipment.
  • Engineering equipment maintenance

Some of the Equipments used in Research Works.

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