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The Projects Development Institute (PRODA) established in1970 is one of the research Institutes under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST) and wholly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.Established with the Motto'Industrialization through self Reliance with the aim of catalyzing Industrialixation by carrying out cognate applied research from laboratory to pilot plant/production prototype stages in diverse areas- Science,Ceramics.Energy and Engineering.

also aims to adapt known processes. Plants and workshop techniques to  achieve specific goals.The ultimate goal is to bring the results of scientific and technological research to bear upon  our logical  conditions and improve our lot.

PRODA functions through a Governing Board wihich reports to the  Fedral Ministry of Science and Technology,the supervising ministry.The board determines the policy guidelines of the Institute and in its absence,its authority transfers to the Supervising Ministry.
The Institute’s Management Committee is made up of six Heads of Departments and chaired by the Director General/Chief Executive Officer,who is responsible for the day to day running of the Institute.

In  1992,PRODA,under the National Agency for Science and   Engineering  Infrastucture ,(NASENI),was charged with  a new mandate as follows:
The projects Development Institute, Enugu, shall develop the technologies required by the power Equipment Industry,and shall:
Undertake research and development work  into:

  1. The design,development and pilot production of:
    • Primary power equipment employing solid and liquid fuels, gas, steam, etc as working fluids;
    • Steams raising equipment and accessories;
    • Mechanical power transmission elements, speed converts and variators couplings, systems, brakes
    • Electrical machines, generators, motors transformers, etc and control systems
    • Electrical power transmission element, switchgear and accessories.
  2. Establish and operate a power Equipment Test Laboratory
  3. Transfer power equipment production technologies to private sector industries, and render consultancy and extension services to such and other  industries.
  4. Collaborate with  higher institutions,government agencies, Corporate bodies and international organization in the execution of its programmes and projects
  5. Establish and operate a mechanical/ electrical training school for graduates,and accept,on its own terms,graduates and other trainees for practical work attachment in its works,and
  6. Under-takes any other activities in connection with all or any of its functions
It is in the mastery of the above capabilities that industrialization partly hinges. The Insitute is therefore,steering its course towards the attainimrent of these capabilities.
PRODA, is thus, required to research and produce results in support of the above indicated needs of the industry. The institute is also expected to continually endeavor to transfer the Research and Development results to the industry sector.

To promote the establishment of new industrial projects through laboratory and pilot investingations to the actual condtruction of large scale commercial plants,utilizing local raw materials and indigenous manpower.
To  play a strategic role,through indigenous science and engineering research and development,for the purpose of promoting the nations drive towards science and technology and self-reliance

In the main, PRODA is envisioned to play a leading role towards national self-reliance through the production of capital goods that will enable small and meduim enterprises (SMEs) process available local materials and produce the needed consumer goods with emphasis on power equipment and industrial sector. The ultimate goal has remained to achieve substantial deletion on the vast import and promote national polices of the government.


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